We Never Stop Moving Forward

Q - Quality

Q - Quality - We have standardized product quality and specifications with International Standard Accreditations guarantees. SMC not only have complete expertise and Ideal experiences of the Industry but also have high company potentialities both in terms of technological development and extensive manufacturing capacity.

C - Cost

C - Cost - In order to maximize benefits for our customer's profitability and our competitiveness in the supply market, SMC continue offering competitive pricing to customers.

D - Delivery

D - Delivery - Always on-time delivery.

D - Development

D - Development - For over 14 years of SMC's business operations along with the full 35 years of industry's experiences of the top management team, SMC has been provided supplies to the OEM market with high expertise in engineering and technological development. We never stop developing ourselves to match with the growth of our customers.

The SMC Principles

Safety is the first priority.
Full commitment to Customer Satisfaction.
Continuous Improvement of Processes and Product Quality.
On time delivery of product and services.

Key success factors

Quality & Standard

as top priority.

Competitive pricing to maximize benefits

for our customers' profitability and our competitiveness in the supply market.

On time


Continuous Development

in order to serve our customers with the best technology per your specifications.