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From my more than 30 years of experiences in engineering and manufacturing of automotive and motorcycle components in Thailand, in 1994, I decided to establish my own company called Shibata Giken(Thailand) Ltd.Part. To produce engine used sheet metal rolled In Thailand at that time, it was not able to find any machine to manufacture this kind of product. So I had to design and make the special purpose pulley rolling machine by myself. Then successfully developed and produced the first products which were agricultural engine pulleys and started supplying to YANMAR Thailand as a first customer.

During the period all manufacturers of agricultural engine and automotive had imported most of components for their products from Japan so then Thai government launched the policy to promote for more localization contents. The consequence was start booming in domestic automotive component manufacturing industries. Both Thai and Japanese companies established their new facilities and most of Japanese auto makers also expanded their investment in Thailand.

After we had improved our pulley manufacturing machines we successfully obtained a lot of orders to supply our pulleys for automotive maker’s agricultural engines makers and also lift and elevator manufacturers. Then in year 2003 our company has changed the name to SHIBATA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd or SMC in abbreviation.

As a president of SMC I have a motto "In order to produce products for customer satisfaction all employees have to pay attention and intention to do the best."

Thailand’s first pulley maker since 1994 known as “ Shibata Giken Thailand Ltd.,Part. ”

Relocated to its current location and registered as a company limited under the name

“ Shibata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.”

Business philosophy

Management Policy

We commit to all customers that we will contribute all our effort, intention and resources to make continual improvement in our customer satisfaction and less impact to public environment with these following quality and environmental policies.

Quality Policy

  • Attend to continually improve products quality for customer satisfaction.
  • Keep and improve the quality level of self responsibility.
  • Equipment, Machine, Environment must be kept clean and safety.
  • Always On-Time delivery.
  • Environmental Policy

  • Strictly respect and follow the environmental laws and regulations.
  • Segregate and manage properly for hazardous waste in order to eliminate or reduce impact to environment.
  • Strictly control waste water drain out from factory not to have any environmental impact to public.
  • Efficiently control and manage use of resources such as electric power and water supply.
  • Continuously intend to improve environmental management system.
  • Reduce and eliminate risk of unsafe environment in working.
  • Profile

    of SHIBATA Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

    Company Name Shibata Manufacturing Co.,LTD.

    Established 1 February 1994

    Capital 42 MB

    Employees 190+ employees

    SMC’s core business Steel sheet pulley ( Rolling forming Process ) / Stamping part ( Single Die and Progressive Die ) / Surface treatment coating ( Electro Deposition Painting )


    30 years of world-class acceptance & experiences

    Quality system

    SMC has been accredited with internationally accepted industrial standards including
    ISO 9001:2000 , ISO/TS 16949:2002 , ISO 14001:2004.

    Award from Customers

    Awards & Acknowledgements from Top-Class OEM

    Awards from customers are evidences for our excellence as the
    best supplier and business cooperation providing the best products
    with the best in QCD (or the best efficiency in Quality, Cost, and Delivery)
    • 2024Wait Update

    • 2024Wait Update

    • 2014YANMAR Outstanding Quality Performance Supplier 2014

    • 2013YAMADA SOMBOON In Best Supplier 2013

    • 2008-2010Best Business Cooperation 2008 and 2010 TBKK THAILAND

    • 2010Outstanding Performance Supplier “Delivery” 2010 TOYOTA MOTORS

    • 2007-2012Excellent Working Zero Defect year 2007-2012 from Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) co.,ltd.

    • 2006The Best Supplier on Quality & Delivery 2006 TOYOTA MOTORS

    • 2007The best in bussiness cooperation Year 2007 From TBKK (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    • 2006 Excellent Working Zero Defect year 2006 from Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) co.,ltd.

    • 2005 Excellent Working Zero Defect From Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd

    • 2002 Good Quality & Delivery Suppiler From Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    • 2002 Good Quality Awards Year 2002 From Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    • 2001 Best Supplier 2001 (in QCD) From Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    • 2000 Cost Reduction From Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd

    • 2000 Quality Supplier Award Year 2000 From Siam Kubota

    • 1996 500,000th Engine Celebration From Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd